Stars In Our Hearts

Library of Congress ISBN: 978-1-60880-123-7

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Here's what other poets have to say about
the World Poetry Movement!

It was very gratifying to see my poem, Misery in print. World Poetry Movement has demonstrated to me a commitment to promoting poetry. Thank You.
Mike Mason, New Castle, CO
What a thrill to see my poem printed in your book which is AWESOME. . The book is spectacular. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to shine!
Marlene Bevans, Pasadena, CA
Being published is, in my book, extremely satisfying, inspiring and a little euphoric
Jacob Slagle, Butler, PA
The world poetry movement really has changed my life for the best and shown me why poetry is so important. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.
Rachel Butler, San Antonio, TX
I was so thrilled about having my poem published. The book is just beautiful and each and every poem in it is wonderful. I will cherish my book for years to come.
Debbie Bongiovanni, Sun City, CA
World Poetry Movement gives people such as myself the opportunity to express and inspire others through poetry . The experience is an excellent one that should be cherished and shared with others.
T'keyah Dennis, Savannah, GA


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